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Multicast Wireless is a mission-based, cutting edge, progressive multimedia organization located in Huntsville, Alabama.  Multicast Wireless provides local churches with professional quality state of the art church AUDIO VISUAL sound and video systems design.  Multicast Wireless goes further to provide church congregations in the Tennessee Valley with video projection and production equipment and services at this same quality and value.  Multicast Wireless offers church video systems - surveillance solutions to local churches, schools and community centers for security purposes.  Multicast Wireless offers  website design and search engine optimization, pushing the client's rankings forward on search engines.

We Value your Production Value

We use only professional quality products available when we integrate your church audio visual system.  In its consistent upward growth, Multicast Wireless offers each client only professional sound and video equipment from video cameras, mixers, speakers, microphones, monitors and more.  Multicast Wireless offers video and audio production, church sound system design, church video system design, sound and video technician training, video surveillance, video projection setup, remote desktop and troubleshooting, among other services. Our trained professionals can do an assessment of your existing configuration and make strategic recommendations.

Mission Critical IP video surveillance systems

IP Video Surveillance systems from Multicast Wireless utilize the latest development in mission critical IP video surveillance systems from MEDIACOM+ .  Cameras, even numbering in the hundreds, can be placed across a campus or in a building and routed through a security computer, specially developed and designed to allow IP video surveillance system users to monitor both exterior and interior activity on multiple screens.  These IP video surveillance cameras are controlled not only by the main control room, but portable units, such as PDAs, can be equipped with software to control individual cameras giving volunteers, policemen and security personnel added information to make the best security decisions possible based on the information from a professional IP video surveillance system.

Our company works closely with MEDIACOM+ a leading international consulting and mission critical IP video surveillance system manufacturer and integrator.




Web Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Multicast Wireless not only helps you deliver content offline, but truly multi-cast your media using internet expertise.  Multicast Wireless optimizes your site for search engine algorithms used by companies such as Google or other search engines, keeping your site among the first found by any search engines.  By hosting your media, including lengthy video and audio files on our servers, thousands of people can download and stream your media at the same time.

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