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Who is Multicast Wireless ?

Multicast Wireless is a fast growing young company located in Huntsville, Alabama. As a mission-centric, cutting edge, progressive multimedia organization, Multicast Wireless has been serving community churches by providing them solid advice and services.  The quality of these services is based on the knowledge and experience accumulated over more than 20 years of: Radio and Television Production Shows, Live sound and Video for concerts and On Stage Experience, more than 4000 radio commercials, broadcast and recording studio design and installation, Coverage Area design for wireless networks including radio and television transmitters, WIFI and data networks design and installation, efficient video surveillance system design and installation and security consulting.

What is the Mission of Multicast Wireless ?

Multicast Wireless is committed to giving local churches and businesses access to professional quality sound, video and data systems technology. 

Where is Multicast Wireless located?

Multicast Wireless is located in Huntsville, Alabama. 

What Innovations is Multicast Wireless working on?

Multicast Wireless is on the cutting edge of technology and offers its services to our clients. Our research in Wireless Mobile Video Systems for Homeland Security  and our Wireless Mobile Communication System will allow mobile security units to communicate between remote points and the base station in a better efficient way, up to 20 Mb per second.  More information on this research project will be released soon.





For more details on how Multicast Wireless can offer you a professional quality sound and video system,

address : Multicast Wireless - Audio Visual Technology Center

200 Parkway Dr. - Huntsville AL 35801 tel: 256-468-8100

e-mail: info@multicastwireless.com

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