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Professional Web Development and Optimization

Website Development

Multicast Wireless offers web development to companies around the world.  We develop professional web presences, with maximum utility.  Web development is available for churches who want to stream sound and video over the internet.

Web Streaming and Media Hosting

Using specialized high traffic servers,
Multicast Wireless hosts data-heavy content for our clients and their web streaming needs.  Live and archived sermons, both video and audio can be uploaded for web streaming.  Entire events, church services and proceedings can be web streamed for hundreds of people to watch and download simultaneously.

Search Engine Optimization on the Web

Multicast Wireless not only helps you deliver content online with web streaming, but truly multi-cast your media using internet expertise.  Multicast Wireless optimizes your site for search engine algorithms used by companies such as Google™ and other search engines, keeping your site among the first found by any search engines. This process is referred to as search engine optimization or "SEO." Optimizing your website will improve your placement in search engines, allowing many more people to find and visit your webpage. Due to a lack of search engine optimization, multimillion dollar companies around the world have their own web pages that cannot be found on search engines for their specific keywords. 


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